December 11, 2011
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For more than a century, Washington Square Park has been one of the city’s most important cultural epicenters for public expression. The park has been home to thousands of talented musicians, street performers and artists who contribute to the cultural fabric of New York City.
Bob Dylan and Joan Baez are just a few of the noted names who have performed in the historic park.
In an attempt to prohibit and restrict this activity in the park, the Bloomberg administration is attempting to classify these performers as vendors. They recently began issuing tickets under the Parks Department’s new Expressive Matter vending rules and have instructed PEP officers to write tickets which include unlawful vending and unlawful assembly.
Critics assert this enforcement is a violation of the First Amendment, they say the vending rules are not applicable and are being enforced arbitrarily. The rule also severly limits the areas in the park where these free speach activites can done.
Tourists and locals alike flock to the park, not only to admire the noted architectural elements amidst the pastoral beauty, but also to enjoy the performers and take part in a uniquely New York experience. Some people specifically come to the park to hear and see performances, to take a few minutes to rest and enjoy the sights and sounds.
Since the 1940′s Washington Square Park had been an epicenter for folk music. In 1961 the Washington Square Association, along with then Parks Commissioner Newbold Morris attempted to ban folk singing arguing that the park should be “tranquil and quiet.” Police were ordered to remove performers and bystanders from the park.On Sunday, April 9th, close to 3, 000 “Beatniks, ” including a 19-year-old Bob Dylan, came to the park to play their music in opposition of this ban. The event came to be known as the Beatnik Riot, or Washington Square Folk Riot. The ban was eventually lifted after protests.

On Sunday attorney Ron Kuby read a April 6, 2011 letter from Mayor Bloomberg supporting the 50th anniversary celebration of the Riots which people strongly belived was not consitant with his current position regarding the crackdown of performers in the park.

“Music has always been at the heart of New York City,” the letter states.
“From folk to hard rock, from Jazz to hip-hop, we are proud to be home to so many musicians and venues that have inspired artists of every genre. That is why I am pleased to join you in applauding the folk performers who changed music, our City, and our world beginning a half a century ago.”

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December 11, 2011
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The CUNY’s board of trustees approved tuition increases Monday as protesters gathered outside the meeting to denounce the move.

The tuition increases would be $300 per year for undergraduates, for up to five years. The first increase has already gone into effect, with tuition this year for resident full-time undergraduates at $5,130 and rising to $6,330 for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The increase rate varies for other programs, such as resident full-time law students paying an additional $670, and resident full-time doctoral students paying an additional $430.

Students United for a Free CUNY held a demonstration ahead of the meeting. Dozens gathered at Madison Square Park and marched to Baruch College, where the board was meeting.

CUNY said the tuition increase was required, because state aid has been cut by $300 million over the last four years, even as full-time enrollment has increased by 9.6 percent.

CUNY also said a portion of the money raised by the tuition hikes would be set aside for helping students with financial aid.

A protest last week on the issue resulted in 15 people being arrested, when students crowded into a Baruch College building where the CUNY board
 of trustees was holding a public hearing Baruch decided to reschedule afternoon classes and limit student access during the Monday board meeting to avoid a repeat of the Nov. 21 incident.

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November 22, 2011
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An all-day rally by CUNY students against a proposed tuition increase turned rather anarchic Monday evening when young student protesters ignored police demands to clear the entrance of a major establishment at Baruch College where the university’s board members were to meet and 15 people were incarcerated.

The 15 students were reported to have been thrown to the ground and taken away in handcuffs and plastic restraints, from the lobby of the college building, in Manhattan, while staging a demonstration against the proposal for tuition increases, which City University of New York’s Board of Trustees is scheduled to have a poll on next week Monday.

Zachary Poliski , a 21 year-old Brooklyn College scholar who helped assemble the student protester, said that after students began opening doors to the assembly room where the CUNY board members were to hold a public hearing at 5 p.m., CUNY police officers surrounded the entrances,lined up and pushed back, using their batons and billy clubs, and that when students formed a line to push past them, the officers began hitting the students with the batons. one of the students was eventually bleeding from a head wound. however, Zachary Poliski proclaims most of the students would be more than willing to come back to protest. Probably, in a more seldom way in order to avoid more arrests. this is a video recorded on youtube on the incident:


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November 17, 2011
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I will focus on how new technology has paved the way for “multimedia journalism,” and examine the changing relationship between reporters and readers resulting from this development. This topic naturally follows the subject of my showcase–OCCUPY WALL STREET. Multimedia journalism, enabled by new technologies, has provided readers and journalists alike with new opportunities, as well as transformed how they interact with each other.

The bustle of Zuccotti Park may have been broken by this week’s raid but the Occupy Wall Streeters say they’re all still camping out in cyberspace. Chatrooms, email, message boards, and phones continue to allow protesters to communicate, organize — and mobilize.Text messaging also plays a role. Protesters who were not in Zuccotti knew about the raid “long before news agencies did,” said Drew Hornbein, a fellow protester from Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, Occupy Wall Street’s media camp anchored the protest—a heap of equipment circling a tripod from which a handful of volunteers manned a live stream, updated a blog, and operated an information booth. The tables were strewn with granola bars and the ground was littered with cigarette packs and Red Bull cans. During the quiet first days of the protest, the media team provided a steady stream of free photo and video footage to the bloggers and news sites that began to give the protest media traction. During the arrests yesterday afternoon, police targeted those central to the protest, according to another live stream team member, Vlad Teichberg. Thanks to a broadcast buddy system, they were able to document the arrest of one of the bloggers, he said, and grab a computer from another before his hands were cuffed. According to Ms. Elizabeth Ross, a fellow reporter, recent photos showed a cop lunging at a protester unprovoked, yet the man had been arrested for aggression against the same officer while another shows a group of cops physically flinging a man bodily across the street.

If you asked a journalist ten years ago what their job was, they could respond with “I’m a print journalist” or “I do broadcast.” Today, though, a journalist has to be multi-skilled to keep up with the changing world. They need to know how to write the story and also supplement it and perhaps take video or record sound clips. Not only that, but once the story has been uploaded or printed, they now have a responsibility to lead discussion and to actively engage in it. Journalists can no longer sit idly after reporting a story, expecting readers to read it and then move on. Readers want to talk about what they read and engage with people all over the world. Journalists need to embrace this new movement and serve as leaders and role models.

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October 21, 2011
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overman song

Occupy Wall Street is now more than a month old, but shows no sign of abating. Some protesters reportedly plan to march to the district attorney’s office in New York this week to demonstrate against the numbers arrested so far.

However, Recent US public opinion polls on the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests suggest a very high level of public sympathy for the movement. Despite all the press description of the protesters as a bunch of grungy white kids who are “clamoring for nothing in particular,” the general public in this country is broadly sympathetic to the OWS movement. Given the atmosphere of public opinion, movement organizers have a tremendous opportunity to mobilize vast numbers of people in the coming months.

Two polls that touched on OWS, from  Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine, were all conducted between October 6th and October 10th. The first significant finding is that the OWS movement has caught public attention. Barely three weeks into the protests, according to TIME, 82 percent of the country had “at least heard of” the movement, and 50 percent considered themselves “very” or “somewhat” familiar with it. The Wall  Street Journal poll found that 42 percent are following the movement “very closely” or “fairly closely.”

I am proud to say I am one of those included in the statistics, and I have put together this video, to showcase the struggles of these people who are trying to stand up for us all:

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October 13, 2011
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minority news

image of minority frisking from black radio network

Manhattan Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin has given the go ahead to a lawsuit that challenged the city’s stop-and-frisk policies as biased, especially toward Blacks and Hispanics.

The plaintiffs claim that quotas prompt officers to stop suspects without cause, and that blacks and Latinos are unfairly targeted. The lawsuit also alleges that the NYPD has failed to properly train its officers in the policy. According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, during the first half of this year, police stopped and frisked more than 300,000 people. A record number of stops last year sparked criticism that too many minorities were being harassed without charges. In response, NYPD officials say the policy reduces the number of shootings and murders in the city.

As a black man in New York, I have suffered on several occasion, what is now been termed “stop and frisk”. Once, when i was in the car with my now deceased dad, we got stopped and told to pull over. mind you i was only 12…. why they stopped us on the road? i do not know…Another time was while i was on my way back from work..this incident happened to be very much surprising, this is because as am a senior employee at a fashion company, i am supposed to dressed in vogue and as preppy as i can. however, this didn’t stop the cops frisking me and actually going through my book bag…

As an Englishman in New York, i can honestly say, that i have never suffer, in my 12 years in England, this kind of harassment in anyway in the English country, don’t get me wrong, i am not saying that there is no discriminating in the U.K. but i just never experienced this level of craziness. Upon further research of the issue, especially in New York City, it came to my knowledge that there are over 300,000 to 315,000 reported cases of stop & frisk each year and only less than 5% percent of these searches come up with anything.

statistics from rev

Also, there are no race barriers now, as the number of white males are increasing by the year. the reason this comes off as wrong is because many of they were stop while they were in supposed “black neighborhoods”. the idea that “black males” sell drugs and “white males” buy the drugs from the hood.

Now that the city is going through a lawsuit on the issue , one can only hope for some form of improvement on the issue. because at the end of the day, there is always so much the constitution can do…

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October 4, 2011
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Nowadays there is a new anticipated news concerning Amanda Knox that rocks the world. so that we able to the matters that occurring, I would like to discuss about Amanda Knox. details first…  Amanda Knox of Seattle Washington was found guilty in a trial in Italy for the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher in Perugia , Italy. so once again Europe displays all the tendencies of a third world country…one look at her myspace page and the poor girl was in prison for four years…i followed the incident on the news closely and what pissed me off the most was the crowd outside who were chanting lynching threats. personally, I don’t know if she is guilty or not. there is always Karma to look forward to ( and is after all a bitch).  if people in the U.S were to be convicted for crimes based on the content of their online accounts(myspace or Facebook), more than half our population would be a member of Club Fed….lol. anyways, this is one story i would be following closely.


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Who the @#$% am I? …just another Englishman in New York…

September 18, 2011
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Hullo Everybody!!!  Ojo here, anyone that’s been waiting for this, I’ve just had so much on me plate(craziness and tragedy) . Little about me…I have been in the U.S for over 2 years and i still have trouble saying the word “soccer” (ugh). but i love football (both) and played in high school, ( the American one, gave me the gifts of broken bones and several concussions). I love New York (no…not the shirt), but i believe i never get to meet as much English people in the state(except for tourists and they are effing annoying…no offense). soooo….there would be a whole lot of British references here…but it would be purely American news(wait..hold on) based on English reaction to the happenings and their involvements. reactions from either America-based British or the government, itself. so, sit back relax and enjoy and if you don’t understand any of the words or slang,please leave a comment…;)

Cheers again Everyone!!!!!

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