Who the @#$% am I? …just another Englishman in New York… | September 18, 2011

Hullo Everybody!!!  Ojo here, anyone that’s been waiting for this, I’ve just had so much on me plate(craziness and tragedy) . Little about me…I have been in the U.S for over 2 years and i still have trouble saying the word “soccer” (ugh). but i love football (both) and played in high school, ( the American one, gave me the gifts of broken bones and several concussions). I love New York (no…not the shirt), but i believe i never get to meet as much English people in the state(except for tourists and they are effing annoying…no offense). soooo….there would be a whole lot of British references here…but it would be purely American news(wait..hold on) based on English reaction to the happenings and their involvements. reactions from either America-based British or the government, itself. so, sit back relax and enjoy and if you don’t understand any of the words or slang,please leave a comment…;)

Cheers again Everyone!!!!!


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