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Occupy Wall Street is now more than a month old, but shows no sign of abating. Some protesters reportedly plan to march to the district attorney’s office in New York this week to demonstrate against the numbers arrested so far.

However, Recent US public opinion polls on the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests suggest a very high level of public sympathy for the movement. Despite all the press description of the protesters as a bunch of grungy white kids who are “clamoring for nothing in particular,” the general public in this country is broadly sympathetic to the OWS movement. Given the atmosphere of public opinion, movement organizers have a tremendous opportunity to mobilize vast numbers of people in the coming months.

Two polls that touched on OWS, from  Wall Street Journal, and Time magazine, were all conducted between October 6th and October 10th. The first significant finding is that the OWS movement has caught public attention. Barely three weeks into the protests, according to TIME, 82 percent of the country had “at least heard of” the movement, and 50 percent considered themselves “very” or “somewhat” familiar with it. The Wall  Street Journal poll found that 42 percent are following the movement “very closely” or “fairly closely.”

I am proud to say I am one of those included in the statistics, and I have put together this video, to showcase the struggles of these people who are trying to stand up for us all:


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