A NEW KIND OF BRUTALITY… | November 22, 2011

An all-day rally by CUNY students against a proposed tuition increase turned rather anarchic Monday evening when young student protesters ignored police demands to clear the entrance of a major establishment at Baruch College where the university’s board members were to meet and 15 people were incarcerated.

The 15 students were reported to have been thrown to the ground and taken away in handcuffs and plastic restraints, from the lobby of the college building, in Manhattan, while staging a demonstration against the proposal for tuition increases, which City University of New York’s Board of Trustees is scheduled to have a poll on next week Monday.

Zachary Poliski , a 21 year-old Brooklyn College scholar who helped assemble the student protester, said that after students began opening doors to the assembly room where the CUNY board members were to hold a public hearing at 5 p.m., CUNY police officers surrounded the entrances,lined up and pushed back, using their batons and billy clubs, and that when students formed a line to push past them, the officers began hitting the students with the batons. one of the students was eventually bleeding from a head wound. however, Zachary Poliski proclaims most of the students would be more than willing to come back to protest. Probably, in a more seldom way in order to avoid more arrests. this is a video recorded on youtube on the incident:



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